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April 2018 Drama CDs ♡

I only bought two R18 Drama CDs because there weren’t many to choose from. Well there were plenty of releases, but it was mostly a “Vanilla” month…so yeah. (¬_¬;) That’s okay though because there were two BLCDs that were released in April that I had to buy at all costs. lol 

Of course, I’m going to get my monthly dose of my bias, Manaka Sawa, from the Ama-Kare series. He’s supposed to be a do-S so I’m excited! I’m also looking forward to the yandere Shinsenryoku in Rogue. (Who btw, has slowly become one of my favorites, too. I’m such a slut for sexy voices!)

Before I succumb to sin, I will admire and enjoy the two BLCDs that are from two of my favorite Omegaverse series.

(Look at that Can Badge. I’m trash for Judaath so YES, I AM FANGIRLING SO HARD RN!)

R18 Drama CDs:

24 Jikan Kare ni Amayaka Sareru Vol. 3 (CV. Manaka Sawa)
Rogue (CV. Shinsenryoku) 


Remnant 1: Jyujin Omegaverse (Deluxe Edition)

Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban ; β 1 (Ani. Limited Edition)

[R18 Drama CD] Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma-


» Title: とろきゅんお泊まり -きゅんとま-・Nonstop Qun Heart!
» Label: NiNO
» Type: R18 Drama CD
» Release Dates:

  • 2018.06.27 Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma- Vol. 1 Enren Kare x Kare no Oheya (CV. Shinsenryoku)
  • 2018.07.25 Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma- Vol. 2 Douryuo Kare x Onsen Ryokan (CV. Manaka Sawa)
  • 2018.08.29 Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma- Vol. 3 Dousou Kare x Love Hotel (CV. Haru Danji)
  • 2018.09.26 Toro-Kyun Otomari -KyunToma- Vol. 4 Joushi Kare x Koukyuu Resort (CV. Masato Kawamura)

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