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1st Anniv. Memories (1st Half) Ranking

After days of nonstop playing (Flare❤), the event is finally finished. I almost didn’t make it in the top 5000! I lost ranking within minutes before the event ended. I was 4100 something before I went to sleep though. Good thing I decided to wake up early before it ended to give it one last push. 😂

My TsukiPara Homescreen

I can never get enough of naked shirtless Tsubasa & my sweet boy Eichi (≧◡≦)

**Please DO NOT REPOST anywhere or claim as yours**

My Onsen Unit! 


Still needs some work, but I’m in love with this unit!!!

I’m planning to awaken Eichi’s and Tsubasa’s card soon!

I already awakened Dai’s card. Although you can’t see it there because I wanted them to have the same outfits lol I’m a little sad that I wasn’t able to get Shiki’s! I wanted the couples Shiki x Tsubasa and Shu x Eichi to be together lol