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We’ve been asked which Decoding Desire’s character was our favorite amongst our team and which one would be the best kisser… so…
We agreed that Kuze is the favorite one! We kind of like his brat side. ❤️ He’s really funny!
As for the best kisser, we thought that Yuasa would be the one, because he’s a challenger, he’s not shy and so probably more into deep and passionate kisses. ❤️

What do you think about that?

Which Decoding Desire’s character is your favorite and which one do you assume is the best kisser? 🙂

It was difficult to choose my favorite lol I was sure it was Kento at first because he likes to tease and is seductive, but it was hard not to fall for Kuze, too. Kuze is such a trip lol Eventually the Cool Onii-san, Takamasa, stole my heart away and is now my #1. (≧◡≦) ♡

As for best kisser I would have to say: hands down Kento. I just have a feeling he is based on his personality, and well…you know…he also has a lot of experience lol or maybe Takamasa, as his kisses could leave you breathless with how gentle or rough they can be. ohoho

Has your taste in Otome men changed over time? (Personality)

Mine has!!! For which type have I fallen victim to this time around? ohoho ↴

1. do-S + Arrogant + Ore-sama

As for me, I could never take my eyes off the do-S + Arrogant/Oresamas when I first started playing otome games. The “asshole” that likes to tease MC, but eventually falls head over heels for her & is secretly kind & caring (yet retains their do-S attitude) Sound familiar? Yes, those guys. Not only are they commonly seen as the first route option, but they were also commonly my 1st pick at one point in time, too. lol


  • Prince Alph (Princess of the Moon) 
  • Chiaki Kira (SSS) 
  • Ayato Sakamaki (Dialovers)
  • Eisuke (KBTBB)

2. Flirts

There was a brief period in time when I found myself going for the Flirts, whom I nicknamed “the playboy who may or may not be a playboy” because somehow, even though he’s a flirt, he may or may not actually fool around with multiple women (or in some cases, flirts unconsciously because they’re just a natural flirt). I find these characters fun and sexy in how they waste no time or opportunity to make a sexual approach/comment towards MC that causes her to either 1. become flustered or 2. in some cases, speechless (like is this guy for real or nah?!). lol Meanwhile, I’m just like “Please, take me now.” ohoho


  • Kyle (Lost Alice) 
  • Ikki (Amnesia) 
  • Kento Orihama (Decoding Desire)
  • Nagito Aoshima (Scandal in the Spotlight)

I still have a soft spot for those, but that didn’t last long because:

3.  Older Brother/Caring & Cool (Kuudere)

Lately, I find myself going for 2 types: 

Older Brother/Caring type who may or may not be possessive/protective. No, they are not actually your brother. I’m not into incest, thank you lol  Is it the head pats? Is it because they’re reliable? Maybe it’s because I’m the oldest child & likes to take care of people, so I want someone reliable to take care of me & protect me? Idk why, I honestly don’t, but I’m weak for these guys!!! lol As long as they don’t over do it in sister-zoning me, though!


  • Toma (Amnesia) 
  • Toma Kira (SSS) 
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Ikesen) 
  • Takamasa Isumi (Decoding Desire)

The other is the Cool type. I noticed that I’m now a big sucker for the Kuuderes!

I actually hated these type because it was difficult for me to read them lmfao Like, what happened to me?! I love it if my Kuuderes have another of the traits mentioned above. Bonus points if they are the Cool + Awkward type, who may or may not be sheltered & clueless about a thing or two~ I think these characters are super fun to interact with because their


makes their actions really adorable, however, at times they can also leave you speechless with how straight-forward they can be…they’re so exciting ohoho One minute I’m like “Awww he’s so cute!!!” & the other minute I’m like “OMG! How can he say something so fucking sexy with a straight face?! Fucking take me! *nosebleed/blush/drops panties to the floor* ”


  • Chronus Carlyle (Lost Alice) 
  • Jumin Han (MM) 
  • Sotaro Shiga (Liar! Uncover the Truth)
  • Soryu Oh (KBTBB)

Of course, there’s also combinations from those types I mentioned above. The more qualities they have, the better! It’s no surprise that some of my recent favorite otome husbands have a combination of those traits:

  • Toma Kira (SSS), a Cool + do-S + Older Brother/Caring type
  • Toma Kiriya (Irresistible Mistakes), a Cool + do-S/Ore-Sama There’s a reason why I say he’s the perfect guy!

  • Owen Chester (Lost Alice), a Cool + do-S + Flirt
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Ikesen), an Older Brother/Caring + Flirt (even if it’s unconsciously) + Awkward type (I think he can be awkward sometimes hehe)

Did you notice a pattern? I did! It seems that I’m weak for the do-S + Cool type.


Older brother/Caring type + Flirt comes in 2nd.

One thing is for sure: My love for otome men who love to tease/is aドS (do-S/Sadistic), and is a 肉食系 (Carnivore) hasn’t changed. If they like to tie you up…or put you in a cage…even better lmfao I’m joking about the cage btw.

However, exceptions do occur. Just because a character has a quality I love, doesn’t mean I’ll love every character of that type, especially if they have a trait I dislike. I’m looking @ you, Toshiaki Kijima (Irresistible Mistakes). lol

Also, every once in awhile, I’ll find myself falling for a type that’s unusual for me to fall for like the Younger than MC type. I usually find these guys annoying af because 1. they’re immature 2. too pure or 3. have child-like appearance lol but every once in awhile, if they have a combination of one of my fave traits, these guys will make my heart go “doki doki”. Like, let me be your onee-san!


  • Naoto Fuyuno (Lust in Terror Manor) 
  • Azusa Kurono (Liar! Uncover the Truth) 
  • Keisuke Shijo  (Liar! Office Deception)

Well there you have it.

I wonder what my type will be in the future…The Ojii-sans?! lolol Feel free to comment on how your taste has changed over time ^_^

Decoding Desire: Kanade Akutagawa Walkthrough


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Decoding Desire: Kento Orihama Walkthrough


DD WalkthroughsWalkthrough Masterlist

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