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Lost in Secular Love: Update on EN Ver. (May 2018 )


Lost in Secular Love English Edition on Sale at a 30% discount


Dear Friends,
Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. We will be selling our English version of the game on 25th(20:00) May at a 30% discount for two week.
We encourage all English readers to wait for the discount period.

To install the English version:

If you have installed the previous Chinese or beta version of the game, please uninstall all previous versions with it’s archives.
Re-install the English version, right click on the game and go to properties -> Language -> English (from the drop down menu)

It has taken a year and a half to do the translation.
I would like to thank everyone who volunteered to do translation, proof-reading and beta testing. Everyone of you helped us during our most crucial moment.
I would also like to thank everyone who waited all this time for the English version to come out. Your patience and understanding gave me the strength to persevere on.
I am grateful that the game has allowed me the opportunity to befriend @Teleute_Eirene. This game uses a lot of old world terminology and words that were hard to translate but thanks to her hard work, our game has the standard of translation it has today.

1. This game came out in 2014 with an older version of today’s platform hence using F12 to take screenshots will be a bit iffy. (Currently, you can only take screenshots of the video clips.) I’m really sorry about that.

2. The text is set in a pdf format therefore, we had to simplify the English translation. You can enjoy a preview of this game with the simplified translation before purchasing.

Lost in Secular Love: Update on EN Ver. (March 2018 )


Recruiting Final Beta Testers for Lost in Secular Love


Thanks to the patient waiting and encouragement of each and every English-speaking players, we have now completed testing the full game for the first time, and fixed some bugs. This time, we are looking for last batch of volunteer testers. Thanks to every player who is willing to sign up and help us.

【Recruitment Requirements】

1. English-speaking players who have previously purchased Lost in Secular Love (We are awfully sorry since many players, believing in us, have purchased the game and waited for up to a year.)

2. Players who have abundant time before April 14, 2018, and can send bug reports to our email address (service@yetuavg.com) before that date.


For those volunteer testers who report bugs before April 14, we will give you the Steam key for all paid DLCs of Lost in Secular Love.

If you already have them, I will send you a game key for another game we developed instead.

【To Sign Up】

If you meet the recruitment requirements, simply leave a message in the comment area. I will draw 10 volunteers, and ask for their Steam usernames & emails to grant special authority on the developer’s back end.

Notably, I am not fluent in English and may use machine translation when contacting you. I hope it won’t offend you.

Please note: Link to post @ Source↴

Lost in Secular Love: Update on EN Ver. (Feb. 2018 )

Happy Spring Festival!


Dear players, here I am again to report our progress!

Originally, we planned to release this notice on the first day of the Spring Festival Sales, but I couldn’t be absolutely certain until I got the beta version. On behalf of the game development team, I would like to wish everybody a happy Spring Festival and all the best in the coming New Year!

The current progress of the game is stated as follows: we have uploaded the game beta on Steam, which requires a password to access.

Two major types of problems may occur in the current version.

One is the conflict in program commands caused by punctuation typos; the other is the dictionary connection failure caused by inconsistent use of capital and small letters in the text and dictionary entries. After we fix these problems, we will disable the password, recruit volunteer players to test the game, and offer gifts. Thank you all for having faith in us.

Liesl’s Sinful Corner:

Yay! It’s almost here! I can’t wait for the release, I’ve been looking forward to this game for some time now ♡ 

Lost in Secular Love: Update on EN Ver.

Happy New Year Everybody! Here’s wishing you a new year that will bring you joy every day!

Previously, the China government tried to block out the use of steamcommunity but I found a good way to get pass their security servers.

Today, I’ll give you our progress report for our English translation.

In our last progress report, I mentioned that our translation was 95% done, while our programming was 60% done.

Although the programming script was completed early in December, upon inspection, we found that there were some problems. For example, things that were edited out were put into the script and some of the edited script was changed. In light of that, our proofreader @Teleute_Eirene had to go through every programming file to translate and edit the script.

We would like to thank @Teleute_Eirene for a month’s worth of her hard work. She even helped us during the Christmas season. QAQ

As of now, the script is 100% finished. All that is left to do is for the programmer to check the programming script to make sure that the program made specifically for the English version is working and to re-map the UI.

After failing to hit the deadline so many times, I really don’t know how to apologise to everyone since saying sorry doesn’t seem sincere enough. It is my fault for not planning it well enough but I will work hard to make sure that everything will run smoothly henceforth.

I’m so glad we got an update on the EN translation progress. I’m really looking forward to playing this game~