Liesel in “Idol Hell”

I ❤ Idols!!! The first time I was exposed to anything “idol” related was around my middle school years with Vocaloids. Fast forward 10 years into the future & I’m still in this hell lol

Fave seiyuu x Idol Project = ❤❤❤

Fun Fact: If Soma Saito is on an idol project, there’s a high chance the character he’s voicing and/or the unit he’s in will be my bias. I swear I don’t do it on purpose just because he’s my fave seiyuu, he’s just so good at what he does that it makes me fall in love with his roles/work!!!


Category: Otoge (Feel free to add me as a friend!!!)
Blackstar Theater Starless

Game: Blackstar Theater Starless・Active/Playing since Sept 2019

Bias: Rindou, Ginsei, Akira, Kokuyou, Sinju, Yoshino

Bias Units: Team P, Team W, & Team K

Top 5 Songs: 



Game: B-Project Kaikan*Everyday・Active/Playing since March 2019

Bias: Yuta, Momo, Mika, Tomo, Kazu

Bias Units: THRIVE, KiLLER KiNG, MooNs, KitaKore

Top 5 Songs: Brand New Star, Tick Tack, S-kyuu Paradise



Game: TsukiPara・Active/Playing since Nov 2017

Bias: Eichi, Tsubasa, Mamoru, Nozomu, Ryota

Bias Units: QUELL, SolidS

Top 5 Songs: BELIEVER -Inori-, Diamond Dust, Hidden Eclipse, Fata Morgana


Game: Idolish7・Casual/Since January 2019

Fave Characters: Iori, Gaku, Sogo

Fave Units: TRIGGER

Top 5 Songs: Secret Night, Negai wa Shine On The Sea, Leopard Eyes

Readyyy! Project


Fave Characters:

Fave Units: Ray Glanz, La Veritta

Top Songs: Go Now!, Beat in Love, Daitanfutekinikoishitai

Category: Drama CD/Songs

Fave Characters: Lihito, Haruta, Kaoru

Fave Units: Anthos

Top Songs: Juliet, Anthos


Fave Characters: Gentaro, Dice, Hifumi, Doppo

Fave Units: Fling Posse, Matenro

Top Songs: Scenario Liar, Stella, BATTLE BATTLE BATTLE


Fave Characters: Reiji, Keima

Fave Units: IN-VOLG

Top Songs: Gekiteki Infinity

Category: KPOP
Monsta X

Ultimate Bias: 🐢

Bias Wreckers
: 🐺&🐹 (🐶🐝🐻🐰)

Top 5 Songs: 


Fave Characters:

Fave Units:

Top Songs: 

Category: Otomege
Dynamic Chord

Fave Characters:

Fave Units:

Top Songs: 


Fave Characters:

Fave Units:

Top Songs: 


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