About @lieselGOs

Welcome to @lieselGOs ❤

I’m Liesel & I’m a USA/Worldwide Group Order Manager based in TX 🐰♡

I host group orders & splits for josei-muke goods or goods for women (R18 Otome, Boys Love, etc) from Japan, China & Korea, but any series & content is OK with me! I also accept personal orders & requests ☺

About me:
🌺 4+ years – importing drama cds & goods from Japan, China, & Korea
🌺 2+ year – managing group orders & offering proxy services
🌺 3+ years – blogging about ikemen, ikebo & josei-muke content (general news, translations, edits, & more…)

About Group Orders
I purchase the goods through a proxy agent, the goods are shipped to me, and then I ship the goods to you. Please note that I am NOT a retailer or manufacturer!!! I do not make or have any of the goods at hand. Most orders need to be placed months in advanced and will be shipped by the shop at a later date. As a result, some orders may take up to several months, so please be patient. Orders will first be shipped to my JPN/CHN addresses and then forwarded to my home address in the USA.

About Splits
Splits work in a similar way as GOs, but they are usually completed within a month.

Please use the masterlist for updates & order status!!! Please refrain from asking me questions like “Do you know when xxx will ship?”, “Has xxx arrived?”, etc.

I will try my best to reply to everyone and ship/send orders in a promptly manner. However, I would appreciate if you can keep in mind that I also have a private life to attend to and that I provide these services on my own free time. Thank you for your understanding and patience! ♡

Questions? Please check the FAQ page first before reaching out to me. Chances are that your question has already been answered there.

Contact Info:

  • Twitter: @lieselGOs
  • Tumblr: @sinful-liesel
  • Instagram: @lieselgos
  • Email: liesel.langley@gmail.com