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What is “Liesel’s Sinful Garden”?
A multi-fandom blog where I fangirl about Ikemen, Ikebo & Josei-muke content 💭  Posts general news, translations, edits, and more… ✍🏻

This is NOT an entirely Spoiler Free Blog

🌹 Reminder that this is a Sinful Blog 🌹↴
Please proceed with caution and view the content in this blog at your own risk❗ Majority of the content is SFW, but keep in mind that some content is intended for mature audiences only and it’s highly recommended that you’re 18+ to view.

※My tastes vary & I’m 🆗 with most content~
Some content found in this blog may not be for everyone (e.g. non-con, dub-con, etc.)

✨If you’re 🆗 with that then be prepared to be blessed with the ikemen!✨

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