[Translation] Fabulous Night Host Chat: A Present from Big Brother 🎁

I’m not even going to act surprised about what Kuon’s birthday present for Ryo-ya was. That’s so like him lol Ryo-ya is such a sweet little brother 🥺❤ I really need more of these 3 but the release date for Himmel’s CD is so far away! 😭

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Can I ask you something?


What’s the matter, Ryo-san?


There was a black eyepatch mixed in
with the present from the other day.


Oh! Kuon-san had said that it
would look good on you, so
it was probably him?


……I see.
Then Kuon will be sad if I don’t wear it.
Should I wear it tomorrow at work……?

Source: Fabulous Night Twitter

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