[BL Novel] Kiss Me If You Can – Official English Translation

The official English translation of the Korean BL Novel Kiss Me If You Can by ZIG is available on WordExcerpt. This is the story of Chase & Josh from Kiss Me, Liar!

As always, please read on the official website if you can ❤


Chase C. Miller is an actor with chillingly glowing purple eyes that could violently take one’s heart and a beauty that draws everyone’s eyes. After spending a heated night with him, Josh was imprinted behind his ear and he now had a secret that must never be found. It was none other than the fact that he was pregnant with Chase’s child!


A few years later, Josh, who had been hired once again as his bodyguard, is astonished by his appalling character. Despite this, every time they meet eyes and stand close together, Josh cannot seem to be able to stop his heart from beating faster.

“Oops, are you all right?”
“You fucking bastard, how dare you—”
“Yes, I somehow dared to touch my client’s dick. I sincerely apologize.”


  • Original Title: 키스 미 이프 유 캔
  • Author: ZIG
  • Type: BL Novel
  • Genre: Boys Love, Omegaverse


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