Fabulous Night releases the MV for Vendetta’s “Rodeo”


  • Title: Fabulous Night Host-Song Reservation -Crimson- Vendetta (CD+DVD)
  • Original Title: ファビュラスナイト Host-Song Reservation -Crimson- ヴェンデッタ【CD+DVD盤】
  • Release Date: May 26, 2021
  • Type: Character Song
  • Cast: Tenma Hino (CV: Kensho Ono), Keith (CV: Tomoya Takagi), Touya (CV: Taku Yashiro)

Check out the MV for Vendetta’s “Rodeo” and the CD preview below and join me in Fabulous Night hell!

A few days ago, I came across the MV for Vendetta’s “Rodeo” purely by coincidence and gosh I immediately fell into Fabulous Night helI. I even ended up ordering the CDs without a second thought haha To think that this series almost slipped under my radar. I was even following them on Twitter already lmfao 😩


From the visuals to the vocals, Rodeo MV is such a whole ass meal. I’d like to think that if these clubs existed irl I’d be a lady and go to ChronoStasis, but I’d probably end up spending all my money in Vendetta. (maybe lol) These guys would probably have me wrapped around their finger. I’m a simple woman byeee 🥵💦💦


  1. RODEO feat. CLUB VENDETTA / 緋野天魔(CV:小野賢章)、Keith(CV:高木朋弥)、統夜(CV:八代 拓)
  2. BITE Song / 緋野天魔(CV:小野賢章)

Dramatic Story [Reading Dramas by key members of the club] 『夢に堕ちても愛してやるよ~ヴェンデッタ~』

  1. プロローグ
  2. 語らない夢・天魔
  3. 触れ合う夢・Keith
  4. 受け止める夢・統夜
  5. 歪んだ絆
  7. 暴れ馬
  8. エピローグ

Special Feature [Bonus Tracks]

  1. シャンパンコール ~ヴェンデッタ篇~ / 緋野天魔(CV:小野賢章)、Keith(CV:高木朋弥)、統夜(CV:八代 拓)
  2. RODEO(Instrumental)
  3. BITE(Instrumental)


  1. RODEO feat. CLUB VENDETTA Music Video


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