2D Male Actor Project, PLANETE PROJECT, Has Been Announced

I recently came across PLANETE PROJECT, a “real time x character x drama project”, while scrolling down my Twitter timeline and I decided to check it out. There’s really not a lot of information at the moment, but it looks interesting!

I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am~



The year is 20XX. It is an era where different species, modes of life, cultures, languages, etc. from across the universe have come together. “Musical Theater Idols” or “Mudol”, performers that can do anything from singing, acting, and dancing, are in the spotlight. “PLANETE PROJECT” or “PlaPro” is a new business project from the major mudol raising company known as Planet Production.

10 young mudols will be participating in this project. They will grow with your support! Please look forward to their success!!!

More details coming soon…


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