Group Order/Split

@lieselGOs Updates: December 18, 2020

Kiro said we’re ready to ship these orders! 🤩

It’s all fun and games until you have to pack & ship orders haha It’s a lot of work, but I also have a lot of fun! 😁

The 1st batch was picked up by the carrier earlier today! Please allow 24-48 hrs for tracking to be updated. A 2nd batch will be picked up tomorrow!

I still need to contact a few for payment #2 & I’m also currently working on R18#23~ There’s quite a few orders coming from both Japan & China that should be arriving in early January 2021, so look forward to that! As always, thank you for your patience 💛

– Liesel 🐰

(PS. most items such as acrylic stands, keychains, etc. come with a protective film, so don’t forget to remove it! I leave mine on to prevent scratching until it peels off by itself lol)

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