[R18 Doujin CD] Ryou ~Whereabouts Of Sin~

Yay!!! A new cd from Dusk was released last week~ It’s available digitally on DLsite’s English & Japanese Site!

Dusk is one of my favorite labels, so it’s always exciting to listen to their works & oh boy it seems this one is going to be amazing as well 🤩 You’re all going to need some holy water to cleanse yourselves after or don’t and drown in sin 😌


Ryou ~Whereabouts Of Sin~

  • Title: 凌~Whereabouts Of Sin~
  • CV: Tsubasa Kuzai & Kazuya Irodori
  • Release Date: November 23, 2020
  • Label: Dusk
  • Type: 18+ Situation CD


Besides her strong work ethic, our heroine is just your average, everyday high school student, and today she’s got to hurry home. It’s late, after all — late enough that the suspicious characters are out in force. As she passes by the park she goes through every day, two such men stop her, drag her into the public bathroom, and have their way with her. Then they take her back to their place, and things get even scarier…


Kotetsu (CV: Tsubasa Kuzai)
The son of a former yakuza boss and the younger of the two twins. He’s got a twisted mind and is similar to a mad dog.

Ryuuji (CV: Kazuya Irodori)
The son of a former yakuza boss and the older of the two twins. He looks gentle, but he’s little more than a brute.


  1. 『公園の公衆トイレで……』※強姦、3P、イラマチオ、二本挿し、中出し
  2. 『虎徹の味』 ※強制、くんに、中出し​
  3. 『龍治のにおい』 ※強制、シックスナイン、中出し
  4. 『悪魔のささやき』
  5. 『望んで堕ちる』 ※3P、二輪挿し、中出し
  6. 『Whereabouts Of Sin』
  7. 500 / 1000 DL記念



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