[Otoge] Blackstar Theater Starless Season 3 Chapter 2, Taimatsu wo Motazu ni Ike, is now available!

★ Season 3 Chapter 2 “Taimatsu wo Motazu ni Ike” is now open!

Event Period: Dec 01 – Dec 13 (11:59 PM CST)

Sick and tired of Haseyama’s tyrannical ways, Taiga digs up his personal information to find out his weakness. He follows Haseyama, who stops at a suspicious location, and what he sees is…



New ★4-cards featuring Takami & Taiga are are now available in the Diamond Gacha! These cards will have a special effect on the event, so don’t miss it!


Out in Out

  • Vocal: Akira (Singer: Tarou Kobayashi)
  • Lyrics: Sakurako_Fukuyama
  • Music: 164



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