[Donghua] Min Diao Ju Yi Wen Lu (Bureau of Paranormal Investigation)

I recently started watching Bureau of Paranormal Investigation and I can’t get enough of it!!! I was initially only going to translate the character profiles for Shen La, Wu Rendi & Yang Xiao, but I ended up doing it for all lol 😂


During a mission, a special power awakened inside Shen La, a member of the special operations team. Shen La and Sun Desheng, who was also there, were taken to a mysterious organization known as the “Bureau of Paranormal Investigation” after a man with white hair named Wu Rendi saved them.

There, an even greater and mysterious world opened for Shen La, whose destiny is closely linked to his new companions and mission…Just after Shen La completed his first mission successfully and passed the required examination, a major conflict erupted within the bureau over disagreements about the abnormal power inside him.

For the good? the bad? still unclear? The choice is within Shen La’s hands.


Shen La (CV. Tianxiang Yang)

Nickname: La Zi

Age: 19

Height: 185 cm

Birthday: **Day**Month

Zodiac Sign: ***

Blood Type: A

Hobbies / Specialty: Firearms, Video Games

Characteristics: Passionate, brave, optimistic & loyal. Fast learner.

Wu Rendi (CV. Zhang Jie)

Nickname: Wu Mian

Age: He was born during the Sui Dynasty according to legend

Height: 188 cm

Birthday: 394 year-cycle (in the lunar calendar, between the 19th & 27th days after the winter solstice, the coldest day in the legend)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: Unknown

Hobbies / Specialty: ***

Characteristics: Mysterious whereabouts, poker face & aloof yet trustworthy, doesn’t hide the grudges he holds. Strong adaptability. He inherited the power of the “seeds” and can travel across realms.


Yang Xiao (CV. Shangqing Su)


Age: He was born during the Han Dynasty according to legend

Height: 183 cm

Birthday: **Day**Month

Zodiac Sign: ***

Blood Type: Unknown

Hobbies / Specialty: ***

Characteristics: Has a baby face and seems like a sunshine boy, but he actually has a cold & indifferent personality. He only treats his wife differently and takes good care of her in every possible way.

Sun Desheng (CV. He Zhang)

Nickname: Sun Pang Zi, Sun Da Pang

Age: 25

Height: 188 cm

Birthday: **Day**Month

Zodiac Sign: ***

Blood Type: Unknown

Hobbies / Specialty: Gourmet Food, Analyzing Character

Characteristics: Overweight but unusually wise. Very observant, extremely lucky and able to turn the tables in his favor

Bai Lu (CV. Shiyu Qiao) / Donghua Original Character

Nickname: Lu Lu

Age: 20

Height: 176 cm

Birthday: September 9

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: *

Hobbies / Specialty: High-tech expert, Wrestling

Characteristics: Cheerful, honest, kind. Has a great sense of responsibility. A typical perfectionist.

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  1. Thank you for translating and posting the character information. I just found Mín diào jú yì wén lù a week ago and have been trying to find an English subtitled version. There is only one I’ve found and I’m not completely sold on the accuracy. I’ve only been watching Chinese animation for about four months finding subbed shows I’m interested in isn’t easy.

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