[Translation] Blackstar Theater Starless: Ginsei Intimacy Lv. 3

Story Details: Ginsei Intimacy Lv. 3

Participants: Ginsei, You

Requirements: Have met Ginsei, Intimacy Lv. 3 or higher

Ginsei: Kei is amazing without a doubt. How can I be like him….

You: Ginsei?

Ginsei: Ah, it’s you! ……Did you hear what I said just now?

You: U…umm……Yes.

Ginsei: It’s embarrassing, so keep it a secret. Well, I guess it’s not really a secret.

You: Hehe, that’s true..

Ginsei: I used to be gloomy, so I think people like him are truly amazing.

You: Is that so? I can’t imagine it at all.

Ginsei: Ah, that just now is a secret as well! Sorry, please don’t tell anyone.

Ginsei: ……I end up talking too much when it comes to you.

Note: For my bsts translations, I won’t be using the heroine’s default name “Saki.” For that reason, you might notice some minor changes in the sentences where the heroine’s name is used.

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