Liesel Plays: Bpro




Oh boy, what can I even say? I really neglected my bpro boys this time.

This has probably been my worst bpro event since I started playing lol It’s not like this is the worst ranking I’ve ever gotten, but I’m not really fond of how it played out. 😂

I really wanted Kazu’s card but neither Ryuji or Kazu came home! I had to play without event cards until I was able to get Kenken’s and Akane’s but from the event start to finish my score wasn’t as great as previous events. (Bad choices okay? lol)

Bpro & Tsukipara had events going on at the same time, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem started when Tsukipara decided to hold two events at the same time lol 😂 Tsukipara was my priority, so I didn’t play bpro until the last minute. By that time, my fingers were already done for so all I kept doing was using the skip function or whatever it’s called and occasionally playing the songs until I was able to improve my ranking. I did manage to go from 10,000+ ranking to my final ranking in 1 and a half day or so…I guess I should be proud?     Hopefully next event goes better for me!

Photo x10 Shots: None

Event: KenKen, Akane


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