Liesel Plays: Bpro




I know I didn’t spend as much time as I could have because I was participating in another event in Tsukipara, but I got a lower ranking despite getting more star points than the last event! HOW?!!! I guess it does depend on the characters involved in the event after all! lol

I mentioned last time that I didn’t think it was that hard to get a nice ranking, but dumbass me was focusing on the ranking prizes. (Tsukipara event mentality lol) Don’t get me wrong: Free items are awesome so I will jump at every opportunity to get them, but at the same time I thought that the ranking prizes in bpro weren’t worth going all out for. At least not to me, and then it hit me:

Players might not care as much about ranking vs getting more star points to get the event cards.

You do have to get A LOT of star points if you want to get multiple copies of them. Those who care about that will definitely go all out. Either way, the more star points you get, the better the rank anyways. lol SMART MOVE BPRO.


These event cards were so beautiful omg! I got Miroku’s card twice, but Goshi decided not to come home no matter how much I tried.  😭😭😭

Photo 10x Shots: 1st None; 2nd Miroku; 3rd Miroku; 4th None; 5th None; 6th None; 7th None

Event: Akane, Kenken

That concludes my report, until next time. 😉

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