Sexual Therapy Karte 2

Title: セクシャルセラピー カルテ2 犬飼真

Release Date: 2019.05.22

CV: Masato Kawamura

Label: Gold

Type: R18 Drama CD


I’ll help you solve your sexual problems.

“Sexual Therapy Information”

Welcome to our clinic. Just like each person has their own preference when it comes to food, sexual problems also vary from person to person. Are you suffering alone from the worries that you have about sex, or preferences that you can’t tell anyone? In this clinic for women-only, our goal is to “help you solve those sexual problems”. You can rely on the distinguished and experienced doctors as friends and at times as lovers. They will help you find the solution that’s just right for you. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Now then, let’s begin with this secret therapy.

Karte 2 Shin Inukai (CV. Masato Kawamura)

You become extremely aroused with the feeling that “someone might see”. You’re unable to reveal that special to your past lovers and worried that “you’re not normal”, you choose to seek sexual therapy. The one who appeared before you was the flashy and the clinic’s most popular doctor, Shin Inukai.


Shin Inukai

The clinic’s most popular doctor. Even though he has a flashy appearance and character, he claims to be kind at heart and a gentleman that treats all women as if they were a princess.

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