«Synopsis» CrazyBeat


Title: ​CrazyBeat

Release Date: 2018.12.12

CV: Tetrapod Noboru

Label: GOLD

Type: R18 Drama CD


You went to a Live House with your friends. It was there where you met the sensual rock band’s vocalist, Shou. Shou stopped on his feet when he heard your voice. Then all of the sudden he told you,

“I like your voice. Won’t you moan in my song?” 

You refuse to his request. However, he kisses you.

I’m sorry, but you’re not getting away–”


Shou Fujitani

When it comes to the band and work related activities, he seems to be pushy and greedy, but deep down he is kind and considerate. When he’s with the band, he deliberately uses the pronoun “Ore”, and comes across as a cool character. His main occupation is hotel manager.

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