R18 Otome: Jooubachi no Oubou

I’m getting my hopes up for the R18 Otome

Jooubachi no Oubou

(THE BEE GAME) to be one of the most requested titles (hopefully) in MangaGamer’s 2018 Survey, and let me tell you this: FUCKING BLESS YOU IF YOU VOTED FOR IT!!! 

(≧◡≦) ♡

I actually included that one on my top 10 titles for localization and placed it as #9, but tbh I wanted to put it as #1!!! lol…

The reason I placed it so low was because I’ve basically spoiled myself by reading reviews + looking at CGs and this game is dark + “hardcore”(?). In other words: This game is wild, yo! (TOTALLY MY TYPE OF GAME) but honestly, judging from the comments I often see in the playstore for some otome games with non-con/rape/assault, do-S guys, etc. I thought this game would only appeal to the minority ^^; 

As much as I want this game localized, if you are voting for it blindly just because it was suggested to you: I suggest that you please read about it and inform yourself about what sort of themes this game has and what some of the characters engage in. (You can find this info in vndb) I don’t really recommend this game to those who are sensitive or feel uncomfortable with some of the things that happen in the game, so make sure you are down for this game if you are going to vote for it because remember: The success of the game is a critical factor if we want more Otome/R18 Otome titles releases in the future.

Anyways, Menou Hen all the way 


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