[R18 Drama CD] Bloody Endings

  • Title: Bloody Endings
  • Label: Hituzigumo
  • Type: R18 Drama CD
  • Release Date(s):
  • 2017.12.23 Vol. 1 Futago no Ouji Hen (CV. Chasuke)
  • 2018.01.20 Vol. 2 Yuki no Joou Hen (CV. Ryoku Shinsen)

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Once upon a time, a princess came to the Country of Snow. White skin like snow, red cheeks like blood, black hair like ebony. Everyone loved that beautiful and gentle princess. Yes, everyone ……

Once upon a time, there was a King and Queen that loved each other very much, and ruled the Country of Snow. They were blessed with a beautiful daughter, but the Queen died soon after giving birth to the Princess.

The King found a new wife and married for the second time. The new queen was a witch that possessed a great amount of power and thus the country prospered.

Now that the Princess had become of age, the King decided to marry the Princess to the Prince of the neighboring country. The Prince was delighted as he had known the Princess since they were young. The Princess made a promise to her father that she would serve the Prince for the rest of her life…


Bloody Endings Vol. 1: Futago no Ouji Hen (CV: Chasuke)

He was tormented by immeasurable anguish. You were the woman whom his older twin brother loved. At least, that’s all you should have been to him. Yet whenever he saw you smiling as you secretly stole glances at his brother he couldn’t help but ask himself,

Why, princess? Why did it have to be him and not me?

He gradually began to get caught up in the idea that he should also be loved. The answer was right before his eyes.

Bloody Endings vol. 2: Yuki no Joou Hen  (CV: Shinsenryoku)

The lives of the promising young people of the Country of Snow were threatened to be destroyed by a powerful enemy――The Ice Wizard who lives in the giant tower he created in the outskirts of the country. He was cast out by his mother because of the power he was born with. As you get closer to him, you can feel a sense of despair and loneliness in the air. Although he will change after meeting you, it’s unknown whether a being without a soul possesses an organ that can feel love. Would there be a miracle that would melt his frozen heart? The answer was right before his eyes.

Character Profiles:

Prince Abel: Bloody Endings Vol. 1: Futago no Ouji Hen (CV: Chasuke)

» Height: 179 cm
» Motto: Sex before marriage
» Likes: Long rides, Baked sweets
» Hates: Trifles
» Preference for: Loving you fully (Sweet)

The neighboring country’s first prince. He is bright, honest and sociable. He possesses great bravery. He is able to to convey his love in a straightforward manner because of his personality, and he loves the princess. Their marriage ceremony will be held in a month.

Princess, you didn’t like that I kissed you?

Prince Cain: Bloody Endings Vol. 1: Futago no Ouji Hen (CV: Chasuke)

» Height: 179 cm
» Motto: Innocent until proven guilty.
» Likes: Secret (The Princess)
» Hates: Secret (Prince Abel)
» Preference for: Usually doing it normally, but he doesn’t mind when his loved one is selfish or intentionally defies him.

Abel’s twin brother. The second prince. He is diligent and well-behaved, and even though he can accomplish anything without any problems, he has an inferiority complex towards his older brother Abel. It seems that he’s been busy with public affairs, and hasn’t shown his face in the Country of Snow recently.

Is that so? My brother wouldn’t have to know unless you were tell him.

The Ice Witch: Bloody Endings vol. 2: Yuki no Joou Hen (CV: Shinsenryoku)

» Height: 181 cm
» Motto: None
» Likes: Animals in general
» Hates: His mother
» His preferred method: Unknown (To take your virginity)

About 10 years ago, he built a tower on the outskirts of the Country of Snow and started his rule of the surrounding area. He is seen as a threat to the Country of Snow, and many troops have been sent for him, but only a few have returned alive. He was believed to be a witch until recently, but is now called the Ice Wizard after it was discovered that he was a man.

Stop trying to get close to me. Aren’t you afraid of me?

Liesel’s Sinful Corner:

AM I THE ONLY ONE EXCITED FOR THIS?! It looks super interesting & the plot just screams SIN ohoho

I feel like one of the twins is going to kill the other…*Ahem* I’m looking at you, Prince Cain. This guy literally hates his bro lol Well so much for hoping for a 3P. Is this bible Cain & Abel all over again? That last track name (アベル王子と) though! I hope Prince Cain doesn’t die! I kinda like him more because he is the “Bad Prince” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Ice Wizard though! (≧◡≦) ♡ He’s so beautiful that I have him as my laptop wallpaper lol Tbh I can’t wait for Track 3 (慈母の愛 – 氷の魔法使いと-) because in his profile, “his mother” is listed as what he hates lolol

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