Several Shades of Sadism: Rei Shindo Walkthrough


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Read before you start:

  • All answers give you affection for Rei: either +1;+3; or +5 .If you click on “Change Screens” it will tell you the total affection you have on the top left corner.
    You will need a total of 100 Affection Points to get the Happy End.There will be 3 Avatar Missions in the route. You can either use the Gold you earn in the game to buy the item for the Normal Route, or you can use Rewards Points to purchase the item for the Sweet Route. The Sweet Route includes CGs. Yes, you will need to spend real money and purchase Rewards Points. (Like most games, you can earn in-game money, in this case, Rewards Points, by using Tapjoy to install apps. Honestly, I think it’s a hassle and stay away from those, but that’s just me.)
  • Total Rewards Points needed for Sweet Routes (CGs): 14,000
    Total Gold needed for Normal Routes (No CGs): 14,000

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

“Hold on!” (+1) 
“I don’t understand.” (+3)
“I can’t” (+5)

“I don’t want to.” (+3)
“Is that a joke?” (+5)
“What did you say?” (+1)

-Chapter 2-

“Don’t make fun of me.” (+5)
“Cute?” (+1)
“Don’t try to be funny.” (+3)

“Why haven’t you given her a name?” (+3)
“Are you embarrassed about naming here?” (+5)
“Can I give her a name?” (+1)

-Chapter 3-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 250

“I’m his girlfriend.”
″I’m a friend.”
″I’m his personal concierge.” (+5)

I decide to ask.
I decide not to ask. (+5)
I keep thinking.

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Rei SA1  (300 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Rei NA1   (150 Reward Points/3000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Rei Shindo SP1 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 4-

“Did you see?”  (+5)
“About last night…”

“Let me feed you too.”
”That won’t make me like you.” (+5)
I’m not a pet.

-Chapter 5-

"No, I’m not!”
“I do have sexual experiences!” (+5)
I don’t deny it.

“I was going to refuse.” (+5)
“I’m just curious.”
“That has nothing to do with you.”

-Chapter 6-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 2000 pt

"We’ll be right back.”
“We’ll be home late.” (+5)
“Would you like to come with us?”

"I’m not being shy!” (+5)
“No, I don’t want to.”
“I’ll sit down somewhere else.”

**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Rei SA2   (500 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Rei NA2 (200 Reward Points/5000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Rei Shindo SP2 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 7-

“Never mind.”
“Are you sure about this?” (+5 )

I was at loss for words. (+5)
I tried to get away.
I tried to speak.

-Chapter 8-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 4000 pt

1) I’m scared to know the truth.
2) “I want to know.” (+5 )
3) “Are you sure about this?” 

I called out to him.
I just look at him. 
I hold his hand. 


**Avatar Mission**
Sweet Route: Rei SA3 White Beach Dress (600 Rewards Points)
Normal Route: Rei NA3  Grey Flare Skirt (300 Reward Points/6000 Gold)

**Optional Scenario**
Rei Shindo SP3 His Perspective (500 Rewards Points)

-Chapter 9-


"I won’t give up.” (+5)
"I believe you.”
“I won’t let you go.”

“Why didn’t you answer my call?” (+5)
“Where have you been?” (+1)
Say nothing.(+3)

-Chapter 10-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 8000 pt


I returned those words to him.


I refuse to be dismissed. 
I am at a loss. 

I feel distressed.
I decide to stay. (+5)
I am at a loss for words.

-Chapter 11-

**Sweet Mission**
Required: 9000 pt

“That’s impossible for me.”
“I can’t do anything right.” (+5)
“I guess you’re right.”

“I can’t leave yet.”  (+5)  
“I don’t want to.”
I remain silent.


Happy End
Affection Points:

Elegance Points: 16000

Normal End
Affection Points: <100
Elegance Points: 12000

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