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General Info:

  • These are the answer sets for each story that helped me reach the 2 different endings. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach them, you are free to pick different answers.
  • There are 2 Endings:  The Provocative Ending & The Heartfelt Endings.
  • Love Meter: +P = Provocative Ending +H = Heartfelt Ending

Story 1:

Say an energetic “Good morning!” (+H)
Give a quick nod.
Pretend I don’t see him. (+P)

“A cute nickname.”
“I don’t care.” (+P)
“Something that’s very me.” (+H)

Story 2:

“How were the meeting minutes?” (+P)
“We’ve got this!” (+H)
“I don’t.”

“Say, “I’m sorry.”
Add, “It’s a compliment.” (+H)
“Not good with compliments?” (+P)

Story 3:

“Not bad.” (+P)
“Better than anyone else’s actually.”
“If you’re going to be mad, be mad.” (+H)

“I’m not interested.” (+P)
“Most definitely.”
“That’d go perfectly with my drink… (+H)

Story 4:
“Secretly earnest.” (+P)
“Secretly spineless.”
“Secretly detached.”  (+H)

“I’ll get it done in one page.” (+H)
“I’ll draw it on napkins.” (+P)
“Did I ask for a lecture?”

Story 5:
“I’d be fine if I were a guy?” (+P)
“You can’t work in isolation.”(+H)
“It’s not like I wanted this.”

“Could you stop?”
“I’ll allow it.” (+H)
“If you’ll give up the nickname.” (+P)

Story 6:
“Commercial Nut (+H)
“No Necktie”
“Genius Hitmaker” (+P)

“Was I drooling?”
“Me in my bathing suit.” (+H)
“I can’t say it.” (+P)

Story 7:
“That’s sexual harassment!”
“Please forget all of that”
“You mean YOU like that, right?” (+H, +P)

“Why are you mad?” (+H, +P)
“Another time then.”
“Chicken out. I can’t say it.”

Story 8:
“Who, exactly?”
“You?” (+H, +P)
“Are you talking about Yusuke…?”

“Maybe.” (+H, +P)
“I can go then?”
“I’m not a masochist about it.”

Story 9:
“Oh, boy…”
“That will only work on me.” (+P)
“Tyrants like you don’t come around often.” (+H)

“I’ll buy you a Kiriya Frappuccino.” (+P)
“I’ll do anything.” (+H)
“You’re not serious.”

Story 10:
“Dinner at a restaurant with a view.”
“If we were both excited about it.” (+P)
“If two people like each other, anything.” (+H)

Look up. (+H)
Turn your back to him. (+P)
Tell him to go.

Story 11:
“I don’t think I’m his type.” (+H, +P)
“He wouldn’t go out with someone from work.”
“He can have any woman he wants.”

“Because you’re my partner.”
“You’re the only person I thought of.” (+H, +P)
“To brag.”

Story 12:
“It’s my personality.” (+P)
“Because you’re my partner.” (+H)
“That’s a good question.”

“People can’t live in isolation.” (+H)
“The agency needs you.”
“Lots of people respect you.” (+P)

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