Irresistible Mistakes: Toshiaki Kijima Walkthrough

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General Info:

  • These are the answer sets for each story that helped me reach the 2 different endings. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach them, you are free to pick different answers.
  • There are 2 Endings:  The Provocative Ending & The Heartfelt Endings.
  • Love Meter: +P = Provocative Ending +H = Heartfelt Ending

Story 1:

Bring it up yourself. (+H)
Signal him with your eyes.
Wait for Toshiaki to talk.

“Yes!” (+H)
“You really think I can do it…?”
“It’s your choice.”

Story 2:

“I bet he’s actually a good guy.” (+H)
“I’m kind of nervous…”
“Honestly, it’s awkward.”

Apologize. (+H)
“Don’t mind me…”
Make up an excuse.

Story 3:

“Okay.” (+P)
“I shouldn’t.”
Ask Toshiaki.

Ask about coffee. (+P)
Ask about Shunichiro and Yukihisa.
Don’t engage him in chitchat.

Story 4:

I think, “That isn’t fair.”(+P)
I’m shocked.
“Got it.”

“Yes.” (+P)
“More or less.”
“Hard to say.”

Story 5:

“That was so cute!” (+H)
I wouldn’t dare make a joke.
I’m surprised.

“You’re passionate about your job.” (+H)
“Are you tired.”
“Why did you do this…?”

Story 6:

“What happened?” (+H)
Nothing-my heart is pounding like crazy!
“What were you doing…?”

“There is someone.” (+H)
“Right now, work is my boyfriend.”
“Please, introduce me to someone.”

Story 7:

Accept his help. (+H)
Wonder what i should do.
Decline his help.

“This works.” (+H)
“I’m scared.”
I don’t know what I should do.

Story 8:

“No.” (+P)
“Only at first.”
“I was scared.”

Talk loudly. (+P)
Say you forgot something.
Put the stuff in another room.

Story 9:

Smile. (+H?)
Look away in a hurry.
Stare at him.

“Yes.” (+H?)
Stumble over your words.

Story 10:

“I don’t know.” (+H)
“He drinks too much coffee.

Ask him point blank. (+H)
Ask discreetly.
Don’t ask him anything.

Story 11:

Pretend I’m sleeping. (+P)
Freak out.
Wait for him.

“Yes!” (+P)
Does he really mean it?
“Wait, but…”

Story 12:

“You’re amazing.” (+P)
“I’m nervous.”
“I’m not used to the helmet.”

“I wanted to cheer you up.”
“I wanted you to forget the past.”
“I wanted you to confront your feelings.” (+P)

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